After you click the SUBMIT RESULT button, you will see this google form as shown below.

You need to be signed in using your gmail account in order to fill up this form.

(1) Full Name

Please type your full name in CAPITAL LETTERS correctly. We will use this answer to provide your e-certificate. If you type it wrongly, this will result in misspell name in your e-certificate.

(2) IC Number

Please type in numbers only, without any dash.

(3) Invoice Number

Please type in numbers only, you can get this number from the email after you made payment previously.

(4) Where are you from?

Click the dropdown and select your location.

If you are an international participant, choose your country’s name.

If you are a Malaysian participant, choose your state correctly.

(5) Which one describe you?

Choose whether you are a student or adult.

If you are an adult, when you click NEXT, it will bring to the final page.

If you are a student, you need to fill up an additional page as shown below.

(6) Currently studying at?

Please choose whether you are a student from Primary or Secondary school

(7) Which standard / form are you?

Choose whichever applicable.

(8) What is your school’s name?

Please type your school’s name in CAPITAL LETTERS correctly.

(9) Which is your co-curricular organization?

Choose whichever applicable. If your co-curricular organization is not mentioned, please choose Other and type it correctly.

(10) Total Distance

Please type in numbers only, without KM.

(11) Upload your photo here

Please make sure your photo include all these information:-

  • total distance
  • duration
  • date
  • a photo of yourself

(12) What do you like about IENVR 2020?

You can share your thought and idea. What do you like and love the most? Just write something nice.

(13) What can we improve about IENVR 2020?

We welcome any comments and complaints. We are also human like you. We do make mistake. Please tell us so that we know what to improve in the future.

(14) Any idea / theme on what to name our next running event?

Anything that you can think of, just type it here. We’ll read everything and discuss among our committee members.